All Out war!

The Brooding Muse Has Vanished?


A World Of Killers At WAR!?

Find The Booding Muse – SHE WILL SAVE US?

She HAS To Save Us!?


The Hunt For The Brooding Muse Begins And You Are Invited With A Front Row Seat To A Last Man Standing Grit Filled All In Battle.  Each Intertwined Story, Character, And Series Have A Direct Effect On The Universe Of The Brooding Muse As A Whole – Raising Up The Stakes Wholesale.

You’ll See Future Cherry Bomb Comics LLC Series And Characters Introduced In The Pages Of The Brooding Muse As More Killers Join The Hunt. Pick And Choose Your Favorites But We Promise You This, NO ONE Is Safe.

Each Story Along The Way Connects A Twisted Puzzle Piece To Find The Muse – Unleash Her – And In Turn Release Some SERIOUSLY Fierce Chaos Extreme. Fun Stuff Indeed!

fangs raven kayla