About us

Cherry Bomb Comics LLC believes in the power of storytelling to captivate and inspire audiences!

Cherry Bomb Comics LLC is a media company created by wife and husband team, Jennifer Bentzel and Patrick James.  The company’s mission is to bring fresh and compelling creator driven stories to life through various mediums. Cherry Bomb Comics LLC specializes in crafting comics designed for transformation into a variety of media forms, including movies, TV shows, audio experiences, and video games.

The company established an Intellectual Property division to meet the entertainment industry’s hunger for established properties and fully formed ideas. Cherry Bomb Comics LLC Intellectual Property division creates proofs-of-concept tales that provide a compelling vision for characters and stories. We first publish these tales through our comics and magazines to find an audience in the public sphere before adaptation.

With a collection of eight unique titles and growing, Cherry Bomb Comics LLC has successfully garnered a wide-ranging and passionate fan base, truly dedicated to their creations.