The Brooding Muse is a series lovingly based on old-school black and white comics which has given us the opportunity of working with an army of awesome artists, colorists, and letterers.

Here’s a who’s who and kind thanks to all of them:

Nik Poliwko 

Inkside Ram

Nestor Tahtiado

Daniel Chon

Aaron Mentzer

Hernan Gonzalez

Sarahy Ocanto

Raphael de Oliveira

RJJ Lettering

Josh Rodriguez

Matija Obrovac

Earl Geier

Adriel Dalla Vecchia

Nimesh Morarji

Francisco Oliveira

German Pasti

Nicolas Santos

Benito Gallego

Steve Bentley

Hugh Vogt

Juliano Andrade Silva

Jesus Barrios

Cartoon Studios

Manuel Martin Peniche